Blockety Block Writers Block

Kids dropped off at school, quiet house.  Just me and the laptop. Blank page.  Thinking.

Still blank page.  Typing.  Delete.  Thinking. Typing again, ok, this is going somewhere.

Tap tapety tap on the qwerty. Sigh! Delete. Blank page. Blank mind.

Unbelievable! A myriad of ideas at the weekend, a whole novel on my mind.  No time to sit and type, no time to jot and write.  No time for space alone.

They say to take a walk. Stroke the cat. Sweep the floor.  Just anything but not to write.  Then try again…..  No cat, clean floor.

Dishes done.  Just me and the laptop once again.  Someone said just write and write, about nothing, about everything. Don’t stop keep the flow.

I’m keeping it going. The words are flowing.  I’m typing. I’m writing.  I’m writing alot.

Ok! I’m on a roll!



Copyright © 2012 Dana Pierre

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