The Unproduced Screenwriter – How to Empower Yourself and Shoot Your Film!

A screenwriter writes the blueprint for a film.

For many screenwriters, it can be tough to get your screenplay produced. However, we now live in an age where we have better access to filming equipment than ever before. At the very least there is your smartphone. In my experience, an iPhone 5s worked very well. It also doesn’t have to be an iPhone, but I recommend downloading the FiLMic Pro app. It costs a small amount but you will have far better footage. FiLMic Pro is available for both IOS and Android smartphones.

Don’t let inexperience stop you! 

Empower yourself, pick up your smartphone and shoot your film!

Go ahead and explore your creativity. See where it takes you. Learn from it and enrich your screenwriting experience!

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s how I started:

To keep production costs low, write a script with the following in mind:

1. Write a 1-2 minute short

2. Write scene settings with a low budget in mind

3.  Write for a small cast 1-2.

4. Write for 1-2 locations you have access to

5.  Write with minimal or no dialogue.

6. Write with openness to collaboration. Film production is a collective process.

This may not be the best film you produce, but here’s why you should make this film:

  • You will grow in experience
  • You will understand better how to improve your writing
  • Your guts and determination will speak volumes and appeal to others in the industry
  • You may discover a new passion for writing / directing and filmmaking
  • You will open up more collaborating opportunities
  • Your second film will be better for having learnt from your first film

Here’s what I learnt when I co-produced and shot my first short film don don’t destiny in 6 weeks from Script to Shoot in collaboration with two other writers.

Post coming soon about my experience on the set of my next iPhone film Circus Girl as a writer/director and filmmaker!

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