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A Night of Horror!

So, I had a creepy night at a party. I dragged my friend along with me to the  Twisted 50 book launch party. We were met by a young lady at the entrance who warned us that due to a blown fuse, the corridor was dark and that we would need to use our phones … Continue reading

50 Kisses, A Red Carpet Valentine Treat

50 Kisses film has a red carpet world premiere at the Genesis cinema in London on the eve of Valentine’s Day.  Invitation is open to all to attend the event in support of the screenwriters and filmmakers of tomorrow and independent film in the UK. Are you coming? It’s an opportunity not to be missed especially if … Continue reading

Blockety Block Writers Block

Kids dropped off at school, quiet house.  Just me and the laptop. Blank page.  Thinking. Still blank page.  Typing.  Delete.  Thinking. Typing again, ok, this is going somewhere. Tap tapety tap on the qwerty. Sigh! Delete. Blank page. Blank mind. Unbelievable! A myriad of ideas at the weekend, a whole novel on my mind.  No … Continue reading