Do we live to shop?

One can be forgiven for thinking we live to Shop.  Why?  ….because at this time of the year when throngs of crowds descend upon shops to consume the life threatening bargains… shoving, pushing, snatching …Fighting! Then comes the news – Man stabbed to death in a shop in front of bargain hunters.  Could be the stabbing had nothing to do with shopping or perhaps the frenzy filled shopping atmosphere triggered the incident.

In another part of the world a woman uses pepper spray on other shoppers during a push-shove-snatch scenario in Walmart! Do a google search on ‘shoppers fighting’ and see what else you come up with……

Our society has a materialistic theme to it making it quite hard to detach oneself from materialism.  We are constantly bombarded with media images that lead us to always want. I’ve got to get that! I want this! Having that will mean everything to me!  Really?

Do we attach much or all our happiness to material commodities? Do we really need it or just want it? Would we lose our dignity in order to obtain that want?

Take the commodities out of the scene and what are we left with.  Emptiness, because many of us seek happiness from external objects. This is living in an affluent society based on the ‘Me culture’.

Perhaps the answer is to find inner happiness so when the commodity is taken out of the scene we are still left with happiness.

2 thoughts on “Do we live to shop?

  1. Hi Dana, I was thinking the very same thing about the madness of the sales! I saw your link on Judith’s room and wanted to say hello. There’s a great community of mums who write on Twitter @alisonwells is one, and @hazelgaynor runs the hotcrossmum blog is is really strong in the mummy blogging community. Do keep writing! I run the website where there are loads of resources for new writers and Both sites list competitions (at they are in the forum) which are a great way to keep you moving forwards and give you goals to aim for with your writing. Best of luck!

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