50 Kisses, A Red Carpet Valentine Treat

1470250_633902839985483_734378924_n 50 Kisses film has a red carpet world premiere at the Genesis cinema in London on the eve of Valentine’s Day.  Invitation is open to all to attend the event in support of the screenwriters and filmmakers of tomorrow and independent film in the UK.

Are you coming?

It’s an opportunity not to be missed especially if the film industry is your business.  Even if you have nothing to do with the film industry this is a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with screenwriters, filmmakers, actors and crew.  This unique event has attracted industry professionals such as agents, producers and film financiers and they are attending.  So bring those business cards!

Why the attraction?

The 50 Kisses poster displays the names of the 50 screenwriters, the film makers, their crew and cast.

The 50 Kisses poster displays the names of the 50 screenwriters, the film makers, their crew and cast.

It’s the world’s first crowd sourced narrative feature film written by 50 screenwriters and filmed by 127 filmmakers.  The shorts have been creatively edited together into a portmanteau style film with the common theme being Valentine’s Day.

I first heard about 50 Kisses two years ago when I saw the hash tag #50kisses on twitter.  Intrigued, I checked it out and wasted no time in entering what looked like an amazing screenwriting competition. I’m pleased to say I got as far as the shortlist with my script ‘Pavlina’. The whole process throughout has been one big learning curve for screenwriters and filmmakers alike as the scripts and shorts were made available online for interaction and constructive feedback.   As a screenwriter, I’m very grateful for the experience and opportunity this competition has given me and I would definitely do it again.

50 Kisses was the London Screenwriters Festival  initiative in a bid to offer a platform for screenwriters and filmmakers globally to come together in creative collaboration to produce a feature film and earn a film credit. The script had to be two minutes long, any genre, set on Valentine’s Day and featuring at least one type of kiss. This fantastic opportunity attracted participants worldwide. Approximately 2000 screenwriters entered, of which 50 were chosen with the winning scripts.  The filmmakers selected their scripts and produced 127 shorts, 25 of these shorts are fully featured in the 50 Kisses film. This whole process from script to film has been two years in the making, the result being the 50 Kisses film. One has to see this remarkable achievement of artistic collaboration.

Tickets to the premiere are available here.

50 Kisses trailer            50 Kisses IMDB


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