About Dana

Story worlds, characters, and their journeys. We learn the best through stories…

“I have written stories, ranging from short prose to feature screenplays, which include a politically based childhood experience in Kenya, a cold war political thriller on the cobbled streets of Prague, a neo-noir thriller set in 1950s aristocratic London…”

I draw much inspiration from my mixed Czech and Kenyan heritage and British background, including my eventful childhood in Kenya. My features include character-driven narratives with strong female leads in a dramatic situation, usually against, but not limited to, a historical or political backdrop.

I write my short screenplays with a low budget in mind to make them more feasible for indie filmmaking.

My goals for my stories are to inspire hearts and minds, create awareness, and entertain the audience.

My passion for writing about characters compelled to follow a particular journey continues beyond a screenplay page. I shot my first short film, do don’t destiny, on an iPhone made in collaboration with two other writers. Writing, producing, and shooting this short film with a small cast and crew was enriching and has taken me further into filmmaking. My second short film, Circus Girl, is a personal project I worked on with my two daughters and has received various international awards from film festivals.

In my blog, I have shared some of my experiences. I welcome constructive interaction, so please feel free to comment on my posts!

Dana Pierre